Murdo Girl…the road trip..the cat’s out of the bag

It all started with Tommy. He convinced me to run off with him. Oh it was a fun adventure at first, I guess. We hung out near the garbage of the finest restaurants in town. I preferred the catfish at Hector’s. It’s lightly breaded and not too spicy. We ran around so much, I ate my fill and still had the body of a kitten.

I don’t care if you are a Beasterhop, get your bicycle off my table.

Then one day our world turned cold. It began to rain and the wind came up. “Tommy,” I said. “Please take me home.”

Have you ever hung out with a tomcat? The reason they’re always tomcatting around is they have no sense of direction. They’re not full of wanderlust…they’re lost all the time. Tommy didn’t know where he had picked me up. He wouldn’t even ask other cats if they knew where I lived. All I knew is that it was too far as long as it was raining cats and dogs.

This is much better.

We cats hate to get wet. Tommy and I began to look for shelter from the storm. How we ended up in Kip’s pole barn I will never know, but I’m sure happy we went down that country road.

I’m afraid of that cat and I’m not even real.. I’m stuffed.

We couldn’t catch any mice, so by the second day we were getting very hungry. On the third day, we spotted Kip walking out to the pole barn. We had seen him out there before, but we had hidden.

By this time we were flat starving, so we decided to throw caution to the wind and let him see us.

Is she supposed to have her bicycle on my fireplace?

Well, Kip went to work and built us a condominium. It was up off the cold floor, and it was complete with a king cat bed and bowls of cat food and water. I heard him tell Miss Mary that he wouldn’t bring us inside. She said, “I should hope not! We already have six dogs in here.”

MG…what’s your password for this tablet thingy?

Tommy: YIKES..Did she say six dogs? I won’t be sticking around here. I’m a wandering tomcat, and I’ve gotta wander.

Me: Suite yourself Tommy…Don’t get lost! I’m staying. I think I can work this deal out. Those six dogs don’t know they’re in for something catastrophic.

I was almost ready to make my move…into the house.

The rain continued and I enjoyed my condo with fresh food and water each day, but I had loftier goals. I wanted to rule the house. Those six dogs would be catatonic by the time I was finished with them.
I have huge cat eyes so I made them work for me. Each time Kip came to feed me, I meowed and made my eyes look sad and lonely. I knew I had to move fast because it was getting pretty cold in the pole barn. That’s when I started to practice shivering. The very first time I looked at Kip with my sad cat eyes and shivered…well, it did the trick. He bought a big wire cage, put my king cat bed in there and faster than a kindergartener can spell c-a-t, I was on the inside. I knew that all I had to do now was prove I could handle the dogs and my homeless days were over. I vowed to never be caged again.

This is the cage I went to the vet in, but you get the idea…torture for a cat

MG, as she likes to be called, required a different catstrategy. I acted like I loved her best. The first time I climbed into her lap and purred, she was putty in my paws. She loves me now. All I have to do is jump into her lap every single time she sits down and let her scratch my ears.

As far as the canines go, we’re down to three now… through cattrition. I bat them on the head once in a while, just to show them who’s the boss. They can’t drink out of the water bowl until I’ve had my fill first.

How many copies of the blog do I need? Please don’t call me a copycat!

I used to hate the name MG gave me. They call me Dollie. I taught the dogs to say, “Hellooooow Dollie,” when I enter the room.

I’ll admit I’m a bit of a fat cat now, and once in a while I crave Hector’s catfish, but up until we took up RVing, I was on my way to living nine wonderful lives.

We got stranded in Rapid City. We’re living at a Motel 6. They put me in a small animal crate whenever they take me somewhere. I sure hope Tommy doesn’t see what my life has come to.

Ironic isn’t it? I’m the one who’s tomcatting around now. Tommy would be jealous of my lifestyle. Do you think I’m being too catty?

 Tell the Motel 6 maid to come back in an hour. I’m napping.

Murdo Girl…the road trip.. dog blog..6 at the 6

MG and Kip aren’t very much fun to over eavesdrop on. I don’t mean that in a vicious dog way. I will give you an example.

Day 4 at the Motel 6… Rapid City, SD

Kip: If you stop and think about it, this time at the Motel 6 isn’t really costing us that much more than if we were staying in the motor home. We would still be paying for our rv parking space.

MG: There is some truth in what you said…translation.. It is averaging about twice as much as the park space…and we would be moving on.

Kip: And no matter where we are, we would have to buy food.

MG: Why I never would have thought about it that way…translation..McDonalds, Perkins, and Pizza Hut cost twice as much as buying groceries to prepare in the motor home.

Kip: And we’re not spending near as much on fuel.

MG: Good point…translates to.. Could it be because we’re not moving on?

Kip: I’m sure glad we didn’t rent that cabin. It didn’t even have a television. I couldn’t have watched football today.

MG: Right…which translates to…he pulled a fast one on me.

I heard MG say she needed some retail therapy. She spent $26 at the Goodwill store. Is that a lot? I like my tail just like it is!

Pattie, Sammie, Dollie and I took long catnaps today. We’re even getting used to sleeping on the beds instead of the recliners. We’re all very, very close to our humans every minute of the day. They can’t make a move without us. They had to hide the bones in plain site, and they can forget about eating anything without us looking all sad faced so they will give us a bite.

Are you going to eat that all by yourself Kip?

Today, we got to go to Dinosaur Park. It was way up on a big hill. There wasn’t much for dogs to do there, so we drove to another park. It had a long trail and we walked 4,682 steps. We were all dog tired when got back to the Motel 6…

That’s about it for today.

Come and see us! We’ll leave the light on. Habark.

It was hard work pulling Kip all those steps.

I hope we go someplace and do something tomorrow. I heard MG say she was going to dye her roots. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds like fun.

Love…Cyndie Lou

Murdo Girl…the road trip..Dog Blog

It’s me, Cyndie Lou..I’ve got the dog blog job tonight. MG has a headache. She complained all day about her sore head.

Maybe if she would quit wearing that stupid hat she wouldn’t get a sore head. It happens every time she wears a hat. She gets cranky and growls at us for the littlest thing. MG with a headache is almost as bad as when her eye twitches.

To top it all off, we went someplace today that wasn’t dog friendly.

We saw a bunch of old guy’s faces carved out of a rock and we canines couldn’t go near them! It’s not like we can lift our leg on them or bite their big noses. What did a dog ever do to them, I ask?

We didn’t stick around there very long. We obeyed their command and high tailed it out of there.

Let me paws here for a minute. I want to throw a ball to you. I love my little cocker spaniel sisters, but do I look like their mother to you? They’re twelve in human years and I’m only seven, not to mention the fact that I am NOT a cocker spaniel. I don’t have children and I like it that way. On a bad dog day, four or five people ask my humans if I’m Pattie and Sammies’ mother.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m like a dog with a bone and I should learn how to let it go. 

The next place we went to had another face carved out of a rock. It had an even bigger nose. They named this one Crazy Horse. I bark at horses, but it didn’t come to that because there was no horse…which did seem a little crazy to me. We canines got to walk around in designated areas which were hard to find.

Oh yeah…this bronze is of fighting stallions.

MG and Kip must be hard up for fun. We drove more miles than I can chase a stick. We went to Custer State Park and saw Sylvan Lake. I kind of liked the lake, but the winding Needles Highway upset my stomach and Sammie got the “NO” word for whining.

The only good thing about today is we left the cat back at the closet we moved into. Although, when we walked in, she didn’t act like she’d missed us that much. I wonder if she had more fun than we did…

Excuse us…we’re talking.

I thought this was going to be another fab trip. The kind where we go fun places and ride in the mobile dog house.

How I long for the good old dog days.

Murdo Girl…The road trip…now and then

We all made it through the night in pretty good shape, considering how quickly we had thrown things together to move to a motel. We didn’t want to linger long in our cramped quarters this morning, so we quickly got ready, took the dogs for a walk, grabbed some coffee from the motel office and headed for Nemo. We left the cat in our room, after the lady in the office assured us that no one would open the door. I don’t think Dollie would run out if given the opportunity, but we didn’t want to take any chances.

In my early Murdo Girl stories I wrote a lot about my Grandpa Sanderson’s cabin near Nemo in the Black Hills. The times I got to go there with Grandma and Grandpa are among my most cherished childhood memories. I was excited to go there this morning.

Grandpa had a ninety-nine year lease, so when he passed away, the cabin and outbuildings had to be torn down. Even without the cabin there, I wanted to see the place where it had been. Surely walking through the trees covering the hills above the cabin would take me back to those fun-filled days I spent hiding behind the moss-covered boulders while playing cowboys and Indians. My cousins and I would peek around a tree or huge rock before shooting the enemy. I can still feel what it was like to walk with pine cones and pine needles under my feet.

I was also hoping to see the creek down the hill from the cabin. I spent many warm summer days playing in the clear, cold stream.

Kip put Nemo in the GPS and we headed that way. I asked him to tell me when we were exactly two miles from Nemo. We would be turning into the road Grandpa drove up to get to the cabin when the creek was too high for him to drive in by means of the road that went right through the shallow water.

Sure enough, right at the two-mile point, I saw the road. Kip pulled in and drove up the hill until we came to a fence, which we crawled under, and then continued up the hill.


As soon as we rounded this corner, I saw the road to the cabin.



Kip: Are you sure this is the road? It seems pretty steep and you didn’t tell me it was this far.

Me: Yes, I’m sure…Grandpa had to really gun his old Ford to make it up here.

Me again: You’ll see where the cabin was as soon as you top that little hill. See this boulder behind me? I remember it. It hasn’t changed…at all.

After I took pictures and reminisced about all the good times I had there, we went back down the hill Grandpa had driven up countless times. I turned around and looked one last time before we got in the car to drive on to Nemo. We had gone about half a mile when I saw this:

Me: Do you know what, Kip? I was wrong. This is the road to the cabin. It’s funny… I remember it being steeper and longer, but this is the road.


This is a picture of the cabin site from the creek side. The cabin was to the right of the narrow clearing. The 2nd road we found was to the left.



From Nemo, we drove on to Deadwood and stopped at Lee St. Station for lunch. My cousin Blake Haverberg and his wife, Melanie, own the beautiful Martin Mason Hotel, Lee St. Station, and The Wooden Nickel Casino.

We were so excited that we got to spend some time with Blake and Melanie. Their son, Chase, took our picture.

The Martin Mason…It took twelve years for Blake and Melanie to completely renovate this historical building.


Lead, SD…home of the Home Stake mine

Bobcat tracks on the road that didn’t go to the cabin

And so ends another great day on the road!

Murdo Girl…the road trip tripped

Lady luck turned on me today…but it will be okay.

We started our day in Spearfish with a great morning walk with the dogs.

This huge field is behind the RV park. Kip and I met the gentleman who owns the farm and the beautiful horses. He was really nice. He even said we didn’t have to use doggy poop bags when we walk the dogs in his pasture.

Every morning at 8:30, all the kids in the rv park run to feed the animals in the little animal farm behind the park owner’s residence. They have two sheep, two calves and two goats for the kiddos to feed and pet.

Nestled in the foothills of Spearfish Canyon, this park is relaxing, friendly, and convenient to many attractions. We planned to stay there until Saturday.

It was not to be…but we’ll survive.

The air conditioner in the motor home has been working off and on. We thought we had it repaired before we left home. The man who services our RV said it was just a burned out wire and he fixed it. The last two nights when we got home, it seemed pretty warm inside. The nights have been on the cool side, so it didn’t bother me.

This morning, Kip talked to some other campers and was told it would be in the high 90’s through the weekend. He told me he was going to get on the phone and find someone to fix the two air conditioners. Thankfully, we purchased a warranty when we bought the motor home. Last year we got brand new hydraulic lifts and a couple of other things. John, who handles claims, knows us well by now, and he continues to do a great job putting our claims through.

On the way to Rapid City

We folded up our little home, hooked up the Jeep we tow, and took off for Rapid City, where John told us to take it. We spent the afternoon in Dakota RV’s parking lot while they worked on it, ran diagnostic tests, conferred with John and figured it all out. I just knew it was going to work out and we’d be back in Spearfish before the sun set. I really believed that.


Poor babies…so innocent…they didn’t know they would soon be traumatized 

I knew my good fortune was holding up when I found this at the truck stop where we filled up on our way to Rapid City.


They didn’t have a Queen Bing

When Kip came back to the, by now pretty hot rv, he said, “they’re going to put new air conditioners in…it will be ready Tuesday.”

I said, “okay..wait..what day is this? It’s only Thursday.” (I’m good at answering my own questions.) “That is four whole days away!!”

I happen to know that some of the people having their rigs worked on just hook them up to electricity, fill the fresh water tank and stay right there. It’s called boondoggling. Kip didn’t want to live in a parking lot.

My next suggestion was to take our house and go. We could bring it back on Monday when the parts are supposed to get here. That idea didn’t fly either. I wasn’t very friendly as we were packing up our three dogs and an upset cat along with all their food and water, the litter box, and our stuff, shoved it all in the Jeep and went to find a motel that would take us.

We were so hungry by then, we stopped at a Wendy’s for burgers and frys. We couldn’t go inside to eat and leave our poor nervous pets, so we ate in the car. The three dogs were drooling all over us and the kitty was in her pet carrier meowing as loud as she could….I’m sure we’ll all be fine.

I hate staying in motels, which is funny because my parents owned one. I like my own bed, my own sheets and my own towels…and…my own coffee in the morning. That is a lot to give up on a moments notice without being consulted.

Do you think I might be surrounded by bad carma because I told all of those stories about Kip at his reunion without consulting him? At least I haven’t noticed any cigar smoke from the Wyoming Territorial Penitentiary inmate. (I told that story a couple of days ago.)

Don’t worry, it will all be good. We are fine. I have no business complaining about anything. I have enjoyed so many good days and I know there will be more.

Tomorrow, I’m going to find us a little cabin in the woods and Kip will be okay with that as long as it has air conditioning, right?


As long as they get their treats, they don’t care if they have to stay in a motel.




Murdo Girl…Loving South Dakota

I’m sitting here in my recliner writing this blog and feeling so blessed.

We spent the day walking the trails and enjoying the splendor of Spearfish Canyon. The sky was clear and the temperature was a perfect 75 degrees.

The puppy dogs are tired out from all the walking and I have a piece of coconut cream pie waiting for me in the refrigerator. This is the life.

These dogs must be tired. Kip and I are actually sitting in the recliners and the dogs are on the floor.



We saw the Bridal Veil falls, the Roughlock falls, and the awesome Spearfish falls.


The information board along the trail said the South Dakota state flower is the pasque. It’s supposedly the first to bloom in the spring.

I always thought the SD state flower was the bluebell.

On the way back, we wondered if the kitty would be frantic because we left her alone for so long.

Guess not…

Murdo Girl…the road trip..The good with the bad

We hit the road again on Monday morning… leaving all of the girls Kip dated a few times 55 years ago behind. I wondered if he was feeling kind of sad about leaving his hometown.

“Kip,” I said. “Is it really true that one of those girls you dated broke the windows out of the gas station where you worked  because you broke up with her?”

“Yeah,” he said. “It was pretty embarrassing. Did I show you  the gas station I worked at when I quit because the guy who owned the place wanted me to slit the tires on tourist’s cars and sell them new ones?”

“No,” I said. “You can show me next time. It’s probably a good thing that you went on to college. You had some bad luck with your gas station jobs. It was fun spending the day with Karlyce though.”

“I don’t think she’s ever going to forgive me for making her pour hot water on her shredded wheat,” he said. “Hot shredded wheat couldn’t be that bad.”

Thoughts of my older brother Billy came to mind.

Kip’s college reunion is in October, but I don’t think he will want to go. He got sick with hepatitis..whatever the kind is that you get from food… when he was a sophomore and he happened to be slinging hash for a girl’s sorority at the time. They all had to get gamma gobulin shots.


These are some pictures I took on the drive from Laramie to Casper.



Kip’s mom always said the bluest skies are in Wyoming.


Kip didn’t think the motor home was climbing the hills as good as it should. It started the day we drove to Sheridan, but we were hoping it had something to do with the altitude. By the time we got to Casper, we knew we had better have it checked out. We found a KOA campground and set up for the night.


Tuesday morning Kip took the Jeep and starting looking for a place that worked on motor homes. He began his search with a recommendation from the Park manager, and on the way to check that place out, he stopped at another shop. Anyway, through a series of following up on all these suggestions, he found a place that worked on our kind of transmission, which would be a worse case kind of thing.


When Kip looks for a mechanic or business to work on his vehicles, one of the things most important to him is the cleanliness of the shop. He was impressed with this one. By the time he got over there, he was convinced it was the transmission and it was going to take days to fix and cost a lot of money. It’s part of the experience of owning an RV. You have to be prepared to adjust and be flexible. I stayed at the RV park with the dogs and cat, while Kip did all the running around.

We feel really fortunate. The stars were all in alignment and the mechanic was our angel. He said all we needed was a couple of new filters. One hour later, we were on our way. The motor home was purring along like a kitten and climbing hills like it’s old self. We pulled into Spearfish about 5:30.

We are in a beautiful spot at the foot of the spectacular Spearfish Canyon. We plan to spend four days here. Kip hasn’t seen Mount Rushmore or been to Deadwood, Custer State Park, or any of the other attractions in the Black Hills.

So…we will do all of that, but today is a day of hanging out and resting up. God’s world is beautiful, the weather is perfect, and life is good.






Murdo Girl…the road trip..When the jitterbug was a dance.

Back to Kip’s fifty-fifth high school reunion in Laramie, Wyoming.

The night of the dinner dance, we ended up sitting at a table with fun people. We had a lady who brought her sister, another lady who was a friend of theirs, (also an alumnus), a gentleman who now lives in Virginia, and a very nice couple. The husband was a guest like me, and the wife graduated with Kip… and guess what? He dated her a few times.

This statue is outside one of the Wyoming State University buildings where the dinner dance was held.


The dinner was pretty good. I had steak and Kip had chicken. Kip had to specify which we wanted when he sent the registration in several months ago. I remember he asked me what I would like and I said steak. He was positive I said chicken. Not wanting to create a scene, he gave me the steak. It tasted good, but I wore my arm out cutting it with a bread knife. I gave half of it to Kip. His chicken was delicious.

After dessert the music started. I love the music of the 60’s. When my brother was in high school he had kids over once in a while and they played forty-fives on his record player in the basement. I would sit on the stairs and listen to the McGuire sisters singing Sugartime. I loved them. I even had the McGuire sister’s paper dolls. I listened to Paul Anka, Connie Francis, and tons of others.

Kip’s sister, Karen, is two years older than he is. She taught him how to jitterbug so she would have someone to practice with. They even danced in a contest once and won. I can “sort of” dance with him. I wondered if the ex-girlfriend lady sitting at our table could jitterbug.

A little while later, some of the group started doing a line dance. The Virginian asked the sister of the alumnus to go out and do the line dance with him. She declined saying she didn’t know how. A few minutes later I nudged Kip and made the comment that she must be a quick learner because she and another lady were out there line dancing and were pretty much leading the pack. When the sister came back to the table, she looked at the Virginian she had turned down and said, “I line danced once last week at the senior center.”

Most of the alumni at our table graduated with Kip’s sister in 1960. He asked them about two people he thought they might know. They told him one had died and the other went to prison. He didn’t persue that line of questioning anymore. Toward the end of the evening, one of Kip’s good friends from high school came over to our table, and they talked about all kinds of fun times they had together. A guy named John joined them and that put a nice final touch on the evening. We all left at nine o’clock.

I know I’m disappointing all of you because I didn’t take very many pictures. I asked the Virginian if he would take one of Kip and me. I asked Kip if my hair looked okay. He patted my head a little bit and said it looked great. The wind blows in Wyoming.

Sign at the RV park

No one was taking pictures or wearing cardboard crowns, and I didn’t want to be rude.

My cardboard crowns. One is still in my purse just in case I need it.


I hope this isn’t going to be too long for you all, but I have to get caught up.

Sunday, Kip’s youngest sister, Karlyce, drove down from Red Feather to spend the day with us. She drove us all over town. I sat in the back seat. I’m telling you… it was hilarious. Kip would say something like, “Oh, that’s Aunt Lucille’s old house.”

Karlyce would say, “No it isn’t Kip, her house is over there.

Kip: There’s the Methodist Church we went to.

Karlyce: No Kip…we went to the Presbyterian Church. I’ll drive by it.

Kip: (As we drove by a boarded up building.) Hey…didn’t there used to be a little market right there?

Karlyce: Yes… I remember one day Daddy took me there and we got a big bag of potato chips. When we got home I opened the bag and pulled out this huge chip. I carefully put it on my plate so it wouldn’t break. 

Karlyce turned and looked at me in the back seat. “Do you know what Kip did?” She asked. “He reached over and stuck his finger right through it. I have never forgotten that!”

Kip: I’m hungry. Let’s find someplace to eat.

There is another thing that most people who haven’t been back to their hometown in a while do. They go visit the cemetary. The one in Laramie is beautiful.

As far as I could tell, Kip pretty much knew where their Aunt Sis and Uncle Pete lived and the location of the house he grew up in…Oh, and of course the market where you could buy big potato chips…that was about it.

The grandparent’s house and the house Kip and his 3 sisters grew up in.


The last thing I want to tell you about is the photograph I had in last night’s blog.

We went to the old Wyoming Territorial Penitentiary. It was restored back to it’s original state a few years ago. We went on a two hour tour that was fascinating. This was a hard core penitentiary that held hard core law breakers. The prisoners were not allowed to talk at all. Punishment was a ball and chain or a heavily weighted boot. They worked twelve hour days, and if they tried to escape, they were put into a blacked-out cell for days. The guards slid some bread and water to them only once a day.

They had hangings and later used the electric chair.

This is where the guard stood to watch over the convicts eating their meals.

Three prisoners used the same bath water.


The Wyoming Territorial Pen’s claim to fame is that Butch Cassidy was incarcerated there for eighteen months. He wasn’t Butch then, the tour guide told us. He was George Cassidy. He worked in the kitchen the whole time and was a model prisoner.

As we walked through the different areas, we saw people dressed in the clothes of the time, which was the late 1800s. They each told us a story. We saw the Warden’s wife, a prisoner, and a lady who volunteered there because she felt the prisoners weren’t treated like human beings and therefore, would never be rehabilitated. She helped them write letters requesting a pardon and things like that.

The Warden’s wife spinning wool to make yarn for socks.


The prisoners made brooms out of broom corn. I had never given any thought to how brooms were made. A group of volunteers still make brooms there to sell in the gift shop and to show visitors how they were put together. The prisoners made up to 720 brooms a day.

Broom corn


As we were nearing the end of the tour, the guide took us down a long hall with large photographs of some of the more notorious criminals. They looked like bad guys for sure.

TA TOIT SE, an 80 year old Native American killed his 70 year old wife because she broke his gun and therefore he couldn’t hunt.

When we stopped in front of his picture, I started feeling uncomfortable. No matter where I stood his eyes seemed to be looking right at me. As I was standing there, I began to smell cigar smoke. My dad smoked cigars so it was a familiar smell. I had been distracted by all this, but something brought me back to the lady who was describing the guy. She said many believe he haunts the penitentiary. He liked cigars and people say when you smell cigar smoke, he’s in the room.

I am not someone who believes scary, supernatural stories. I didn’t say anything and neither did anyone else in the group. I didn’t even tell Kip until the next day. All he said was he didn’t smell anything. Do you think they might have somehow released the scent of cigar smoke to freak us out?

The Wyoming Territorial Penitentiary

Have a nice night all!

I’m spooked!

So are we!




Murdo Girl…the road trip..reunited

I really don’t know where to begin. We have been in Kip’s hometown of Laramie, Wyoming since Thursday afternoon, and it’s been a fun whirlwind of activity. That is, as much as one can whirl when they’ve been out of high school for over fifty years. This reunion was for people who graduated from Laramie High School in the years 1960 – 1965. The average class size was around 150 students.

As class reunions go, the format is always basically the same. There is usually a meet and greet on Friday night. Here’s how Kip’s went.

We arrived around 6:15 and quite a few people were already there. I felt slightly intimidated, which surprised me since I couldn’t be expected to know anyone. I didn’t have to discreetly look at someone’s name tag to put the name with the face.

Right inside the door was the sign-in table. The lady at the Mc -P table, said, “Hi Kip, I haven’t seen you in a hundred years.”

The first awkward moment…Kip didn’t have the slightest idea who she was and she didn’t have a name tag on. He said, “We came to the thirtieth reunion in 1992, but that was twenty-five years ago. I haven’t seen anyone I went to school with since.”

Kip must have uttered those exact same words forty times that night and a few times the next day. The lady handed him our name tags and pointed us in the direction of the pretzels and cheese puffs. Kip saw a guy he recognized and made a beeline for him instead. The guy knew Kip, but not until he said something. Kip has a very distinct voice. Anyway, they visited for quite a while. The guy must have sensed that Kip might stick to him like glue the remainder of the night, because he excused himself and disappeared.

I said,”You two must have been good friends.”

“No…I dated his sister for  a while,” Kip said.

It wasn’t too long after that when Kip got into the groove and his memory kicked in. He stumbled onto a good method. He would talk to someone for a bit then say, “Hey, is Larry Smith here?”

Sometimes he had to drop two or three names, but eventually the person would point out Kip’s next victim. He remembered the names, but couldn’t figure out which face in the room it belonged to. It worked beautifully.

I was tickled to see Kip and his old buddies talk about playing baseball, school activities, pranks they pulled and what they ended up doing for a living. I was surprised by how many girls Kip had dated in high school. The next day we drove around all the neighborhoods and he showed me where they all lived.

I have to backtrack and tell you about our trip to Walmart Thursday night. Kip told me he was nervous that there might be some classmates in the store and he wouldn’t know them.wp-1502668915580.jpg

Then he said, “Do you see that lady checking out with the long grey ringlets?”

“Oh my goodness,” I said.

“I dated her in high school,” he whispered in my ear.

I ran out the door after the lady, hoping I could get a picture of her beautiful long grey ringlets, but she got away from me. When I got back inside, Kip was laughing. I didn’t fall for that again.

On Saturday we played a fun game called a parrot run. We had a list of all the old haunts from back in the sixties. We had to find them and write in what business was there now. It was a great way to see the town, and it brought back many fun memories …especially to the ones who hadn’t been back home in quite a few years. 

Kip would drive by a place and tell me what to write down as it’s current use. He got most of them wrong, but he couldn’t be convinced that the spudnut shop he remembered so fondly was over on the next block. I wondered if he really knew where his old girlfriends lived.

The meet and greet was scheduled from six to eleven, but when we left at nine, most were heading for the door…bedtime.

Kip, the 1962 Homecoming Queen’s husband, and the 1962 Homecoming Queen 

I’m going to stop right here. Tomorrow, I tell you all about the dinner dance, the jail experience and all about this guy.

Murdo Girl…The RV blog..Colorado and Wyoming

One really important tip I can give you about successful RV traveling is you have to learn to take every situation and think about the appropriate action or reaction. You can’t get away with much. For instance…the cockers got to the recliners this morning before I did. That was bad enough, but the cat chased one of them off and got a recliner all to herself. The cockers were now both in MG’s recliner. I can’t chase the cat off because I’m afraid of her.

I’m bummed. I really don’t like this little couch…I almost asked Kip and MG if they would chase Dollie off Kip’s recliner so I could sleep in it, but I noticed Kip was sitting on the floor, so I used the appropriate action. I asked MG if she would chase the cockers off of her chair. She said, “No…I guess you’ll have to be alert and wait for your chance.”

We left Pueblo yesterday and drove to Loveland, Colorado, where we met Kip’s sister, Karlyce, and her husband, Dave, at my favorite restaurant…Cracker Barrel. MG loves their chicken and dumplings, but sometimes she gets an open faced beef sandwich because she knows how well I like beef. It was not to be. MG said it was so good, she forgot and ate it all.


Kip with Karlyce and Dave. I see Karlyce didn’t forget the leftovers. Charlie is one lucky dog.

Next, we drove the 120 miles to Laramie where Kip’s 55th high school reunion will be held. The road was one long incline. Laramie is at 7200 ft above sea level. Here are some pictures MG took as we slowly climbed up and up. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough oxygen in Laramie. Dogs need a lot of oxygen to pant.

After lunch, Karlyce and Dave drove up to their cabin in Red Feather, which is off the same highway as Laramie. We actually saw piles of hail along the side of the road. Good thing we didn’t leave earlier.

MG called Karlyce to make sure they missed the hail. By that time the temperature had dropped to 40 degrees. Karlyce asked if we had a fireplace in our bus. MG told her no, but there is a universal burn ban on RV’s anyway…no firewood allowed.

It did get cold during the night, but this morning was beautiful. We get to go on lots of long walks everywhere we travel.

Sammie and Pattie stopped to sniff out a rabbit…I missed the scent. I’m craving beef and I know MG is having a big juicy steak for dinner/supper.

Well, the reunion starts tonight, so I will let you know what I hear about how it went. Sometimes I over eavesdrop.

(Pictures of Laramie and lots of stories tomorrow.)

Camping at the Journey KOA in Laramie.